We believe the responsibilities we had and the challenges we faced while in the military have given us the raw skills we need to run and lead a business.

We believe most veterans don’t fully recognize the core skills we have that make us more prepared to face the challenge of entrepreneurship than our civilian peers with comparable years of work experience. We only figure that out over time. Our goal is to accelerate that time.

We believe there is a lot of misinformation about entrepreneurship out there in the veteran community. Many say it’s too risky, that you need a lot of money to buy/start a business, that you don’t have the business background to succeed, and a host of other falsehoods. Instead, we believe that those who commit to risking their lives for the benefit of others understand how to assess risk like no other group in society. Since the essence of running a business is all about managing risk, we believe that most veterans are well prepared for the challenge.

We believe that those who have served our Country are different when they take off the uniform. This program recognizes those positive differences. This is a program built solely FOR veterans BY veterans who understand those differences.

We believe that entrepreneurship is not for all of us. Studies show that 25% of veterans have an interest in starting or buying their own business, yet only 10-15% actually make the leap and do it. This program is a resource for you who believe you are part of this 25%.

We believe that there is power in community. This resource is about building a community of veteran entrepreneurs and those veterans or transitioning members of the military who share an interest in starting or buying a business. As the community grows, so does its value.

We believe that any good program needs to be scalable to reach our veteran community regardless of geographic location and any time constraints. We believe technology is the answer, so this program is facilitated online, but can be delivered in a classroom upon request.

We believe that the most realistic, sustainable solution to the veteran unemployment crisis lies in the ability of our Nation to help veterans start or buy businesses then hire their fellow veterans as the business grows. This program is our bold initiative to contribute to solving that problem. We welcome any other organization or person that wants to collaborate with or help us in any way.

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