Guest Speaker Program

Join our guest speaker bureau! Our ideal guest speakers are veterans and entrepreneurs or  small business owners.  Lawyers, commercial insurance experts, bankers, investors, marketing experts, and business consultants who are military veterans are valuable members of our speakers bureau. Our participants learn the most each week in our program by listening to your stories, and hearing what valuable insights you've learned through practical experience. Your perspectives as both a veteran and a business person are invaluable to our participants who have yet to go down the path that you've been on.

What's the commitment?

Here's what we ask of our guest speakers:

  • Provide a short biography, head-shot, and contact information 
  • Review some material we'll send to you that provides context for the module on which you'll be contributing
  • Provide one PPT slide (we'll send you an example and template) with 3-5 talking points that summarizes your advice
  • Provide your comments and advice for 15 minutes; answer questions from participants for 15 minutes
  • Join our online live program in one of two ways (your choice):
    • Join the two VETToCEO facilitators with video and audio for the entire session from 6 pm EST to 9 pm EST
    • Call into the live session at 7:45 pm EST and be able to depart by 8:30 pm EST
  • Join from anywhere - most join us from home
  • Provide contact information to participants and be willing to be contacted
  • Be a volunteer (no fees paid to guest speakers)

That's it! Almost all of our guest speakers give us feedback that their involvement is very rewarding. 


We hope you are!  Please fill out the form here and we will be in touch!

Become a Guest Speaker