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We have two programs that we offer through VETtoCEO. Our first is our Core Program, a free online course in which veterans can apply their skills from the military into the start of a new business. The second is the Funding Academy, a three-part online program that helps you determine the best path for funding your business. This program requires a one-time $500 charitable contribution to VETtoCEO. 


module 1


module 2


module 3




We believe most veterans don’t fully recognize the core skills we have that make us more prepared to face the challenge of entrepreneurship than our civilian peers with comparable years of work experience. We only figure that out over time. Our goal is to accelerate that time.


The Funding Academy provides a way for entrepreneurs to develop a realistic strategy for raising the capital they need to implement or sustain their businesses. It's a three-week program taught by successful entrepreneurs in order to give a head-start to those just starting their journey in creating a new business.

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module 5

Command & Signal

part 1

Sources of Capital & Funds

part 2

Understanding Financial Terms & Concepts

part 3

Developing a Funding Strategy

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