Is the program really free?

Yes.  Qualified veterans and transitioning members of the military can attend our programs at no cost.  The only requirement is for each participant to provide their DD214 if a veteran or their ID card if still Active, Guard, or Reserve.

Are your programs considered "MOOCs" -- Massive Open Online Courses?

We consider them "MSOC" - Massive Selective Online Courses.  They are not open to the public. You must be a veteran or transitioning member of the military. The content and programs are tailored to what military experience brings to entrepreneurship. 

What are some of the ways others can pitch in?

VetToCEO welcomes anyone who wants to help.  We are always seeking guest speakers, mentors, bankers and investors who want to share their knowledge and experience with the veteran community. Simply fill out our simple form located at the "Get Involved" tab to get in touch with us.  Since our programs are online, helping out is easy.

What platforms do you use to deliver the programs?

We have partnered with K16Online, a division of LogicBay corporation, GUST, and Adobe Connect to provide the online environment for our programs.

How can I become an instructor?

We're always looking for fellow veterans who are experienced entrepreneurs who want to facilitate the programs.  Please contact us by filling out the for at the Get Involved tab and we'll be in touch.

Is it easy to be a guest speaker?

Yes.  Since our programs are online, guest speakers simply call into our web session  - usually in the evening hours - for approximately 30 minutes.  We will prepare you for the session via email and a chat before the session.  Many of our guest speakers participate several times.  The only thing we ask is that guest speakers do not solicit any business from participants.  

In what ways can I consider investing in a veteran entrepreneur?

VetToCEO is not a licensed broker.  We simply can connect you directly with a veteran entrepreneur.  We use the innovative GUST platform ( so it's easy to view a participating veteran's business plan and related documentation, as well as deal directly with the veteran as you would with any entrepreneur.  

How can I donate?  

Please see the "Sponsor our Vets" page for information on how you can donate with individual or corporate donations. We also can tailor a donation package that best suits your organization's objectives.  

Interested in Joining VetToCEO?