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VetToCEO Veteran Enterpreneurship Program Participant Map - check it out!

Posted by Monty Heath on Mon, Mar 27, 2017 @ 05:49 PM

Next program focused on franchising is enrolling!  Starts tomorrow March 28th


Our 21st cohort starts on March 28th.  We had over 1,240 registrants since we started offering our online Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors program in 2013.  We ask for each participant zip code as part of our simple registration process.  We recently plotted those zip codes on a map.  Check out the snapshot that illustrates the location of our registrants!  Since our inception, we focus on maintaining and constantly improving our program coupled with online delivery.

Our online approach makes the progam truly scalable across the globe.  Each week, participants have access to a two-hour live session from 7-9 pm EST.  If you miss it, it's recorded.  A separate self-paced online module that's pre-all registrants as of March 2017.pngwork for the live session, and optional SBA online modules that are relevant to that week's module round out the week's activities.  Participants chip away at a business canvas throughout the 7-week/7-module process. 

Participants can (optionally) collaborate in a private Facebook group during the week as well.  This approach allows transitioning members of the military, deployed military, and veterans of all ages the opportunity to participate in the program regardless of physical location or the fact that they have a day job.  

There are lots of great veteran entrepreneurship programs out there. We at VetToCEO applaud their efforts.  If you have a day job though, are disabled, live in a rural location, or are deployed and on active duty, you can participate in our program.  Join our cadre of over 60 veteran volunteers who have banded together to help other veterans explore entrepreneurship.  Check out more at this link and consider signing up for our cohort that starts tomorrow/Tuesday March 28th!   

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