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Military entrepreneurs take note - Banks are stepping up lending to small business

Here is a short article from John Aidan Byrne at the New York Post. In Module 6 of VETToCEO Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors we discuss sources of funding for veteran entrepreneurs. We detail all of the different ways that military veterans can fund their business idea. Many veterans think that a bank loan is the only way to secure funding. In class we find that banks are just one of many sources of capital. This article deals specifically with banks. The Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index offers you great information on loan approval rates for the various lending entities available.

Military Veteran Entrepreneurs - Small business loan comparison tool launched by nonprofit

Kent Hoover, Business Chronicle Washington Bureau Chief, passed on some excellent information here. Veterans and transitioning military considering entrepreneurship need as many sources of funding as possible. Here is an excellent tool for finding funding. This is a valuable sourcing tool to use in Module 6 of the Entrepreneurship for Trainsitioning Military Program. Remember that funding for your business opportunity is available to veterans and transitioning military. The challenge is finding the sources that are right for you.