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Pass the word!  Next VetToCEO program starts 5 September!

VetToCEO's 23rd cohort begins on September 5th!  Help spread the word.  Our program is open and free for honorably discharged veterans and current members of the Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve components.  Join our veteran facilitators and distinguished veteran guest speakers as we go through our 7-week program together.  Learn more on our programs page. Our program is online so it doesn't matter where you live - even if you're deployed - bring it!

Military Entrepreneurs - VC investments in Atlanta drop 25% in Q2

As we discuss in Session 6 of class, Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors, venture capital investment is one of the many forms of raising money that a military veteran must understand. Funding your business can be a complex challenge for military veterans. There are various sources of funding available. The challenge is determining which source is the best for you. Here Urvaksh Karkaria at the Atlanta Business Chronicle describes the status of venture capital in Atlanta in 2Q17. You may not be in the Atlanta area, but the information my very well apply to your locale. 

Guest Speakers - Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors September 2017


Military Entrepreneurs - Why To Consider Making Your Small Business an LLC

Here is a great article by Dan Mattia that I pulled from VETLIKEME. Mattia makes several great points that we discussed in Module 4 of Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Veterans. As you know from class there are several different legal structures from which you can choose when organizing your small business. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages related to liability, taxation, and future funding. The bottom line is to do your reseach and consult with an attorney.

Military Entrepreneurs - 5 proven strategies to break out with your new business

This article by Daniel DiPiazza, a Contributing Writer at the Atlanta Business Chronicle, reinforces our class discussions in Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors. In class we discuss marketing and differentiating your business. Here DiPiazz details five ways that allow you to stand out from all of the others. Competition is rough out there, but the market is large and we all need to find our ways or ways to stand out. As veterans we understand competition. The goal is to transfer that understanding to business.

Military Entrepreneurs-5 ways to tell if your view of marketing is out-of-date

In Sessions 1 and 2 of Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors we talked alot about marketing and its importance to our vetrepreneurial efforts. Here are some straightforward insights by Samantha Owens Pyle. She offers sound advice that military veterans should consider in their sales and marketing efforts. This generally isn't something that we learn in uniform however we all know that sales and marketing efforts are keys to success. 

Special Government Contracting Programs for Veteran-owned Businesses

Last week in class, Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors, we discussed government contracting and its advantages and challenges. Government contracting at the local, state and Federal level can be an excellent market for military entrepreneurs. Governments buy all sorts of products and services and there are many programs at various levels of government to buy from veteran businesses. Here is a short article by StreetShares that Hardy Stone included on his site. This articles presents and reinforces several of the points we discussed in class.

Veterans Take Note-Small business sales see first quarter spike

This article by Urvaksh Karkaria at the Atlanta Business Chronicle describes small businesses selling nationwide and the information my very well apply to your locale. As we discuss in class, when a veteran considers buying a business there are many factors that must be understood. One of those is the changing market for businesses. Prices and values rise and fall just like with other commodities. It is important for veterans to understand these price and value changes. Factor the changes into the decision making process of whether and when to buy an existing business rather than starting from scratch. 

VetToCEO Veteran Enterpreneurship Program Participant Map - check it out!

Next program focused on franchising is enrolling!  Starts tomorrow March 28th


Veterans and Military Entrepreneurs-Should you do business with government agencies?

As we frequently mention in class, Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors, the government is the largest buyer of stuff and buys almost everything. Because each of you worked in the government, to me it only makes sense that you would sell to the government if your product or service meets their needs. Here is an article by Marco Terry, the managing director of Commercial Capital LLC, a company that provides invoice factoring, purchase order financing, and asset-based lending to small and midsized companies. Terry offers some great points about selling to the government.