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Georgia entrepreneurs having to hustle to raise venture capital

Venture funding is always a potential source for veterans and vet entrepreneurs in their transition to business.  As one of many sources of capital for entrepreneurs, it is important to understand the current market in your local area and nationally. Vets must do their research to secure the funding needed to succeed. Here Urvaksh Karkaria, Staff Writer for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, discusses the current state of venture funding.

4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans

Here is an excellent article by about funding sources available to veterans. This article offers veterans the options that entrepreneurs should consider. Money is available out there. The key is finding the right source for you and aggressively pursuing it.  In addition, don't get discouraged if one source doesn't pan out.

A VC opens up about three big mistakes

Learning from the mistakes of others has distinct advantages.  Sara Castellanos, Technology Reporter at the Boston Business Journal, in her interview with Michael Skok, shared some great insite applicable to every entrepreneur. These are three great learning points that every entrepreneur should note.

What I Have Learned About Pitching for Investment Capital

I read this article by Rebekah Campbell on the NY Times site. You may consider a lot of this to be common sensical, but it's worth reading about the efforts of someone else on this critical funding issue.

Crowdfunded hotel looks to crowd for design help

I'm fascinated by the creative ways that crowdfunding has entered the market. Here is an article by Ben Fischer that demonstrates how creative entrepreneurs need to be.

VC investors aim to eclipse strong 2013

Good news to startups.