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Military Entrepreneurs - 7 Tips for Veterans Interested in Starting a Business

In Session 1 of Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors we discussed the different ways that military entrepreneurs can get into business.  Here Jerry Shaw at Newsmax added to a previous post by David Shutler, President and CEO of Utility Systems Solutions, Inc. who writes for Entrepreneur. This excellent article reinforces what we discussed in class. Jerry offers many tips that potential business owners need to consider. Understanding these tips will help you determine whether entrepreneurship is right for you. We will discuss this this again in class.

Military Entrepreneurs - Veteran Roll Call Funding Event

The Veteran Roll Call is an Investor led event, connecting Military Veteran Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, VC’s, Hedge-Funds and other capital resources. Startup, Early Stage, and Operating companies that are growing and need outside funding will be presenting at this event.The current date for the Veteran Roll Call event is November 8th and 9th, 2017.  Companies wishing to have strong consideration for presenting need to apply/register and be selected on or before October 15, 2017. Presenting companies must complete a profile and submit a company profile. They will also have 20 minutes for their presentation and Q&A.

Pass the word!  Next VetToCEO program starts 5 September!

VetToCEO's 23rd cohort begins on September 5th!  Help spread the word.  Our program is open and free for honorably discharged veterans and current members of the Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve components.  Join our veteran facilitators and distinguished veteran guest speakers as we go through our 7-week program together.  Learn more on our programs page. Our program is online so it doesn't matter where you live - even if you're deployed - bring it!

VetToCEO Veteran Enterpreneurship Program Participant Map - check it out!

Next program focused on franchising is enrolling!  Starts tomorrow March 28th


Next VetToCEO Entrepreneurship Program Starts March 28th!

VetToCEO announces that enrollment is now open for its 21st Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors cohort. This 7-week, online program will have a focus on franchising as a route to becoming a veteran entrepreneur. Join us as our facilitators and guest speaker cadre guide participants through a business planning curriculum tailored for those of us with military experience. Our sessions are online and collaborative.  

Join a program for which over 1,000 active military and veterans have previously registered. The program is free for active military and veterans. Among the benefits:

  • Still active or a veteran just interested in exploring entrepreneurship?  Join us.  Kick the tires. See if entrepreneurship is right for you.
  • Already have a business? Join us and learn how to improve your business. Learn from our experienced fellow veteran guest speakers.
  • Don't know anything about business? Who cares. You didn't know anything about the military before you joined either. You'll get a well-rounded orientation to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Broke? No capital? Don't let that stop you. We'll cover the variety of funding sources available. There's more than you think - a lot more than just a bank loan.
  • Deployed or have a day job?  No worries. You're welcome in our program. Live sessions occur each week at 7 pm EST. These live sessions are recorded for those in challenging time zones. 

Approximately 1% of us serve our Nation under arms, yet 9% of the small businesses in this country are owned by veterans. Coincidence? Probably not. Apply your leadership and decision-making skills to creating your own destiny as a civilian. Discover how your military skills translate into the core DNA we need as entrepreneurs to be successful.

The program is free for active military and veterans.  Click here to learn more and sign up today! 

Veteran Entrepreneurship -  Go For It!

We've been working with hundreds of fellow veterans and active duty members of the military since VetToCEO was launched in 2013.  As a result of our work, we often get asked for our opinion about how military service translates into skills needed for success as an entrepreneur.  In other words, why would a veteran have any better chance of being successful than a non-veteran?  Good question!  

Veterans Take Note of Vetrepreneur Week - 12 to 16 September 2016


September 12 - September 16

Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Program Starts 13 September 2016

VetToCEO is offering its Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Program. This program starts on Tuesday, 13 September 2016.  This 7-week, online program is free for veterans and current members of the military. The highly interactive program includes great guest speakers. You will join a group of fellow qualified veterans and active duty military who are either exploring entrepreneurship as a career path choice or developing their business concept. The goal of the program is to help veterans develop a fund-able business plan and then introduce qualified participants to funding sources.

Military Veteran Entrepreneurs - Small business loan comparison tool launched by nonprofit

Kent Hoover, Business Chronicle Washington Bureau Chief, passed on some excellent information here. Veterans and transitioning military considering entrepreneurship need as many sources of funding as possible. Here is an excellent tool for finding funding. This is a valuable sourcing tool to use in Module 6 of the Entrepreneurship for Trainsitioning Military Program. Remember that funding for your business opportunity is available to veterans and transitioning military. The challenge is finding the sources that are right for you.

50 veterans already signed up for the May 31st program!

As of March 19th, we have 50 veterans signed up for our 17th Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Group that starts May 31st!  Our goal for this group is at least 200 participants.  The more the merrier!