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Capital for Veterans - Venture capital jumps, but bubble may be building

We discuss veterans access to venture capital funding during one of our financial modules. This is one of many forms of funding available for veteran entrepreneurs to seek out as part of their funding strategy. In this article Urvaksh Karkaria, Staff Writer for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, shares the status of venture dollars. Read on to see that investment remains high but the pace may be slowing. Entrepreneurs must understand the current and future market when developing a funding plan and modify that plan based on the market.

Veterans - 10 reasons to bring in investors

Here is an excellent article by Marc Kramer a serial entrepreneur and contributing writer to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. There are many ways to fund your business as we discuss in class. Many veterans, new to entrepreneurship, believe that a bank loan, the SBA, and debt financing are the primary methods of obtaining funding. You know from class that there are many different equity sources of funding. The key is to find the right source for you and your business. Marc Kramer offers some excellent points and reasons here that must be considered.

Kramer writes - Most entrepreneurs, especially ones who have never run a business before, always believe they need to raise money right away from friends and family, get in front of their local angel group, and/or contact venture capitalists.

Veterans on the Entrepreneurship Track - Manage Cash To Grow Your Business Without Disrupting Operations

Here is a current article by Jim Blasingame, Contributing Writer, at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. We discuss this in great detail in class and Jim makes some great points. Veterans must learn early-on in their business career that guarding cash is a critical task for success.

Entrepreneur Veterans -- Make crowdfunding work for your organization

Here is a great read by Chris Wayne, Contributing Writer at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. He shares some insights on the use of crowdfunding which frequently comes up in class.  Veterans need to constantly seek out sources of funding. Crowdfunding has become more and more popular over time. It is a mainstream form of financing. New crowdfunding options become available on a regular basis.

Good News For Veterans--Georgia firms getting VC funding double since '14

Here is another great barometer article by Urvaksh Karkaria of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Even if you’re not in Georgia this shows signs of good economic news for veterans pursuing entrepreneurship. When investors make funds available it shows obvious signs of growth. Regardless of your funding strategy, this is news of interest to you. If you are pursuing equity funding you need to continue your research of funding sources.

2014 venture capital investment in Georgia was highest in a decade

Those of you considering venture capital investment in your business should read on to see the trend reported by, Staff Writer at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Equity investment remains a viable option for veteran entrepreneurs.

Georgia entrepreneurs having to hustle to raise venture capital

Venture funding is always a potential source for veterans and vet entrepreneurs in their transition to business.  As one of many sources of capital for entrepreneurs, it is important to understand the current market in your local area and nationally. Vets must do their research to secure the funding needed to succeed. Here Urvaksh Karkaria, Staff Writer for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, discusses the current state of venture funding.

Recent case expands criminal liability to a deal gone bad

Here is an article by Dan Kolber, an Atlanta attorney and owner of Intellivest Securities Research Inc., that highlights the importance understanding the details of borrowing and loaning money.  In class we discuss covenants and their importance.  This article shines a light on the fine print.  A recent criminal case decided by the Georgia Court of Appeals will make it riskier for businesses to raise capital in Georgia because it upheld the use of a criminal statute, “theft by taking,” to what would normally be considered a civil case.

4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans

Here is an excellent article by about funding sources available to veterans. This article offers veterans the options that entrepreneurs should consider. Money is available out there. The key is finding the right source for you and aggressively pursuing it.  In addition, don't get discouraged if one source doesn't pan out.

A VC opens up about three big mistakes

Learning from the mistakes of others has distinct advantages.  Sara Castellanos, Technology Reporter at the Boston Business Journal, in her interview with Michael Skok, shared some great insite applicable to every entrepreneur. These are three great learning points that every entrepreneur should note.