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Next Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Program starts January 5th!

Posted by Monty Heath on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 @ 12:37 PM

There's still time to sign up!  VetToCEO is offering its 16th Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Program starting on Tuesday, 5 January 2016.  This 7-week, online program is free for veterans and current members of the military. Please help us pass the word!  

Entrepreneurship and Military Veterans

There are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to entrepreneurship among military veterans.  We think that it takes a lot of money to start or buy a business, that we need great credit scores, or a host of other reasons why we quickly discount the notion of being our own boss.  While these may be valid issues that need to be addressed with any new business venture, veterans bring other unique skills to entrepreneurship that few civilian peers achieve with equal years of experience.  Critical attributes like decision-making skills and leadership are among the most critical aspects of being a successful business owner.  Most military veterans bring these skills to the table the minute they take off the uniform.  The money issues can be solved through many sources that most of us don't even know are out there.  So why not at least explore the concept?


Who's it for?

Our program provides a forum for veterans to either gain insights into entrepreneurship and see if it's right for them or take that great business idea they have and put it through some filters to determine if it's a good idea or not.

Tire-kickers: Those of us that are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and why we as veterans should take a hard look at it.

Hard driving/bull-in-a-china-shop types with a passion to start or buy a business that need some vigor applied to their great idea.

- The "done working for the man" types who have always wanted to learn about alternative ways of making a living.

- Those of us that think that you need a lot of money to get into entrepreneurship (not the case many times) and therefore never seriously consider it.

Find out more and sign up!

There is no cap to the number of participants we can accept, so sign up now at this link.  You can learn more by accessing this 4- minute video at this link


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