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John Panaccione

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Veteran entrepreneur and need funding?  Check this out!

Rice University in Houston, TX is conducting its fourth annual Veterans Business Battle on April 13-14 2018.  In order to compete, each applicant must do the following:

Veteran Entrepreneurship -  Go For It!

We've been working with hundreds of fellow veterans and active duty members of the military since VetToCEO was launched in 2013.  As a result of our work, we often get asked for our opinion about how military service translates into skills needed for success as an entrepreneur.  In other words, why would a veteran have any better chance of being successful than a non-veteran?  Good question!  

VetToCEO Featured in Forbes Article

Ty Kiisel, a contributing writer for Forbes magazine, recently reached out to VetToCEO for an article about veterans and entrepreneurship.  See the "three reasons veterans make great entrepreneurs"...and the two things we're typically challenged with by checking out the article at by clicking this link!