Sponsorship Options

Sponsor a Veteran

The Veteran Sponsor program allows an individual or company to support a veteran in our Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Program. Your generous donation of $300 covers all the associated costs of participation in the program. This includes our Introductory Program, Core Program, The Gust platform for investment, mentoring, and community support and resources.  Simply contact us or donate by selecting the Donate button at the top of this page to sponsor a Veteran participant.

Sponsor a Group of Veterans

The Cohort Sponsor programs are designed to enable any individual or company seeking to demonstrate their support for veterans by sponsoring a group of veterans in an upcoming Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors program.  Sponsorship levels include:

Sponsorship Level


Number of Veterans Sponsored










All sponsors will be recognized with:

  • Company logo on the VetToCEO web site

  • Certificate of Appreciation from VetToCEO

  • Guest speaking opportunity (optional for the sponsor)

Sponsor a Private Group of Veterans

Your organization may have an interest in sponsoring a group of veterans interested in starting businesses in specific industries such as the home improvement/construction, food service, franchise, or information technology industries.  These industries are popular industries for veterans.  Focused Program Sponsors receive:  

  • Exclusive recognition as the sponsor of the group

  • Company logo on the VetToCEO site with recognition as a Focused Program Sponsor

  • Tailoring of the program for the industry of focus

  • Guest speaker slots for each program module

We tailor our focused programs to meet the sponsor's objectives.  Please contact us for more information at inquiry@vettoceo.org

Help our Veterans Transition to Entrepreneurship


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