We are a band of veterans who share a passion for entrepreneurship as a viable career choice after our time in the military

You may be transitioning out of the military and wondering what you’re going to do next.  You may be fired up with a great business idea and eager to get started.  You may only have a vague idea of what entrepreneurship actually is and how it compares to the option of working for someone.  You may be a seasoned, successful veteran business owner and you want to help your fellow veterans. 

Regardless of your current status, if you’ve served honorably and you’re interested in entrepreneurship you are welcomed here.  Join our growing community of veterans that share an interest in helping each other around the concept of entrepreneurship as a post-military career choice.

We offer free online programs exclusively for verified members of the active military and for veterans.  These programs were designed by veteran entrepreneurs and are facilitated by veteran entrepreneurs.  They are offered online so that anyone, anywhere can participate in a well designed, collaborative online environment.  The core entrepreneurship program is also offered face to face at select locations upon request. 

It’s easy to learn more. To explore our program click here!

VetToCEO is a 501c3. The program is free to all veterans.

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Program Overview in 4 Minutes

VetToCEO and StreetShares Award Presentation

VetToCEO and StreetShares recently awarded a $5,000 Business Grant to a member of USSCOCOM's Care Coalition. (21 minutes)